somewhere music is playing...

World Première: 19 November 2011, Gladstone Gallery, New York City, USA

David Dawson

Jim Hodges

Costume Design
Yumiko Takeshima

Raphaël Coumes-Marquet

somewhere music is playing... is the first creative collaboration of two artists: Jim Hodges and David Dawson.

With his sculptural works Jim Hodges investigates notions of time, movement, colour, and reflection, merging the real with the imagined and embedding each with a charged sense of its own making and a multitude of metaphoric possibilities. These new sculptures they emphasize the artist's ongoing interest of materiality and the liminal space between beauty and loss. 

In the special creation for principle dancer and long-term muse, Raphaël Coumes-Marquet, presented in response to Jim Hodges' newest sculptural works, Dawson aims to explore the architectural ways of thinking/dancing that enable the definition of what is not there. The invisible becoming visible. Metamorphosis. Journey. Change... An acceptance of reality.

as if you couldn't see me.
somewhere music is playing.

everything feels so different.
seeing nothing.
a world without distance.
the past behind me.
continued as a lucid dream.
floating back to the place we came from.
the place before there was a me.
a place where it is impossible to be alone.
where there are no disappointments and no betrayals.
a place where we can feel part of the whole.

as if you couldn't see me.
somewhere music is playing...

David Dawson


World première: 
Sat, 19/11/2011