Empire Noir

World première: 17 June 2015, Dutch National Ballet, Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

David Dawson

Greg Haines

Set Design
John Otto

Costume Design
Yumiko Takeshima

Light Design
Bert Dalhuysen

The world of Empire Noir is a ballet designed as a blast of graphic energy. Fast paced and relentless in its own journey through the darkness of the night. The colour Black, the void of madness. Performed as a pure dance event, Empire Noir works to allow each of it's 10 dancers to shine as individuals, but also to present themselves as a team. This dance is contained inside an architectural illusion created by John Otto who as set designer manages to create simplicity in building a structural surprise. Completed with a upbeat original score by Greg Haines, an over exposed light design by Bert Dalhuysen, and costumes that behave as a second skin by Yumiko Takeshima, Empire Noir is a force unto itself. An observed entertainment played at it’s fullest force aiming to leave its audience breathless.

World première: 
Wed, 17/06/2015