World Première: 10 July 2013, Semperoper Ballett, Saxon State Opera - Semperoper, Dresden, Germany

Choreography and Light Design
David Dawson

Adolphe Adam

Costume Design
Yumiko Takeshima

David Dawson's signature is in transforming classical vocabulary in fresh new ways, exploring and creating dance of physical freedom coupled with emotional lyricism. Originated as the Wedding Pas de Cinq in his much acclaimed Giselle, 5 reveals the individual dancers and their levels of technique in this skillfull display of classical ballet, giving the dancers a challenging opportunity to showcase their full range. This piece for five dancers ignites a challenging dialogue between the traditionalism of Adolphe Adam's music and highly virtuoso dance fireworks that are made up in a dazzling combination of speed, stretch and structure with cascades of carefully configured sequences. In 5, Dawson introduces variations that display expressive dance of the highest quality, adding playfulness and giving an homage to his classical ballet roots.

World première: 
Wed, 10/07/2013